List of products by brand Manuel Ritz

Inspired by the works of the homonymous Andalusian artist, Manuel Ritz Pipò was born in the early 70s and immediately became an innovative brand of total masculine look.


Manifattura Paoloni Spa has acquired and relaunched the brand through a strong strategy aimed at building a strong and coherent brand awareness, developing growing investments in research and development and marketing activities. At the same time, an important brand extension process was implemented, thus accrediting the brand as a dynamic and original total look in menswear and then launching the women’s collection in 2019.

The need to make the recognizability more immediate and at the same time maintain the distinctive aspects and history, meant that the brand in 2008 was changed to Manuel Ritz.


Manifattura Paoloni spa is an Italian fashion company operating in various fashion sectors. Renowned for its high specialization in the production of outerwear, it is the flagship of one of the manufacturing centers of the Marche region. The strength of the group lies in the skillful mix of craftsmanship, craftsmanship and tradition that are combined with innovation, research and design.

The strong Italian character that distinguishes it in the field of production and creativity, has not prevented Manifattura Paoloni to develop an effective international vocation in terms of distribution and marketing. The activity is characterized by a highly organized managerial structure where at the center is placed the individuality and the peculiarity of the individual. The company firmly believes in the quality of work and life of its employees, who feel part of a project, a vision and a corporate dream.

The sense of participation and partnership are developed at all levels both inside the company and outside; from laboratories and faconists involved in the production process, to customers, protagonists of the distribution.


In the heart of the Tortona area in Milan, in via Voghera 6, the Manuel Ritz showroom represents the brand’s commercial engine, where national and international customers come into contact with the collections that season after season are presented with the strategic activities of the brand. The garments speak through a space where the environments transmit the irreverent dna of the brand that mixes the sartorial tradition of Made in Italy to the unconventional and innovative use of materials, shapes, fit and details creating a more up-to-date image, fashion and emotional compared to traditional brands.

Each collection at its exhibition space reflecting the stylistic soul of the brand

The exhibition forms of the Manuel Ritz men’s collection express, in fact, the concept of elegance revisited in a softer perspective, thanks to a harmony between rigorous forms and references to icons of Italian classicism that are reinterpreted through furniture elements. The palette of materials, where the protagonists are brass and black viroc, while the glass colored teal green and red with the lenses alternate